The Nunbelievable Keto Cookies are low carbohydrate cookies designed to assist individuals following a ketogenic diet or any other diet that restricts carbohydrate consumption. The overall goal of this cookie company is to give back to the community while also supporting people with special dietary needs. Indeed, Keto Cookies are just one of several varieties available (i.e., Artisanal Cookies, Shortbread, etc.).

Do you feel completely depleted of energy? Are you tired of having to forego a slice of cake, a cookie, or a brownie because they violate the ketogenic diet’s foundations? As infuriating as it may be, particularly for those left to fight their urges, one company claims to have created the tastiest and sweetest cookies that adhere to the ketogenic diet’s restrictions. Are you eager to learn what they are? Apart from their willingness to give, let’s take a closer look at what’s inside the Keto Cookies.

Nunbelievable Keto Cookies Ingredients

Individuals can currently choose between three different flavours of Nunbelievable Keto Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Pecan Sandy, or Snickerdoodle with Baobab. All three contain Almond Flour (which contains healthy fats, is high in protein, and is low in carbs), Palm Oil (which is unrefined, contains no net carbs, and when consumed in moderation can promote heart health), Sea Salt (which provides an adequate source of electrolytes lost on keto), Butter (which is high in fat and carb-free), and Eggs (which contains healthy fats and a reasonable amount of protein). Naturally, the distinctions are in the addition of Pecans, Sugar-free Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Baobab, and Cinnamon.

Questions That Are Frequently Asked (FAQS)

What distinguishes the Nunbelievable Keto Cookies?

The Nunbelievable Keto Cookies contain no added sugar and are made with non-GMO, gluten-free, and grain-free ingredients.

Is it true that the Nunbelievable Keto Cookies are low-calorie snacks?

Individuals will consume between 100 and 110 calories per cookie, with slightly varying nutritional breakdowns (dependent on flavor). The following is a brief description of each flavour:

Chocolate Chip: 10g fat, 1g net carbohydrate, and 2g protein per 100 calories

Sandy with Pecans: 11g fat, 1g net carbohydrate, and 2g protein for a total of 110 calories

Snickerdoodle & Baobab: 10g fat, 2g net carbs, and 2g protein; 110 calories total.

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Which sweeteners were used to make the Nunbelievable Keto Cookies?

Monk fruit and Stevia are the two types of sweeteners used in the Nunbelievable Keto Cookyies. Indeed, the former is considered sweeter than the latter, and the combination is 200–300 times sweeter than regular sugar. The benefit of consuming the pair is that they contain no calories.

Are the Nunbelievable Keto Cookies allergen-free?

The Nunbelievable Keto Cookyies contain nuts (almonds), milk, and eggs; therefore, individuals allergic to any of these ingredients should avoid them unless approved by a health practitioner.

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What flavours are available for the Nunbelievable Keto Cookies?

Nunbelievable Keto Cookies are available in three flavours: Chocolate Chip, Pecan Sandy, and Snickerdoodle & Baobab.

Is there anything animal-derived in the Nunbelievable Keto Cookies?

Yes, because milk, butter, and eggs are considered “animal products,” the Nunbelievable Keto Cookies are neither vegan nor vegetarian.

Is there a refund policy for the Nunbelievable Keto Cookies?

Yes, Nunbelievable offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee begins on the day the order is placed. Regrettably, perishable goods such as food cannot be returned, which means that the Keto Cookies may be ineligible. To determine a customer’s eligibility for a refund, we ask that everyone contact the customer.

In one of the following ways, you can assist the team:

(917) 382-8147

Nunbelievable Inc. is located at 712 Fifth Avenue, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10019.

What is the price of the Nunbelievable Keto Cookies?

The price of the Nunbelievable Keto Cookies is determined by the quantity purchased. Consider that each cookie purchased to accompany a meal is donated to those in need. Nonetheless, the following is a breakdown of the price:

  • Three-Pack of The Nunbelievable Keto Cookies: $17.99
  • 6-Pack of The Nunbelievable Keto Cookies: $34.99
  • 12-Pack of The Nunbelievable Keto Cookies: $69.98

Consumers who prefer to subscribe to Nunbelievable will pay $16.19, $31.49, or $62.98, respectively, for the 3-, 6-, or 12-pack. These can be scheduled to deliver every two, four, six, or eight weeks.

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Meet the Team at Nunbelievable

The entirety of Nunbelievable is said to have been founded on the team’s inspirational experience with a group of nuns. The latter, in particular, was in awe of the nuns’ devotion and their concrete efforts to provide meals for the hungry. Seeing the impact nuns were having on their own, the Nunbelievable team formed, and they now create a variety of cookie products. The team donates a portion of their revenue to their partnered soup kitchens to help feed the hungry. Since 2019, according to the official website, over 600,000 meals have been donated via their partners (North Texas Food Bank, City Relief, House of Mercy, Joshua’s Heart Foundation, and World Vision).

Final Judgment

Finally, if you’re looking for ways to add variety to your ketogenic diet by including keto-friendly snacks, the Nunbelievable Keto Cookies appear to be an excellent choice. Not only do they meet every macronutrient requirement of the diet, but the team at Nunbelievable also ensures that those in need are taken care of, creating a win-win situation unlike any other. In terms of price, each serving ranges between $1.94 and $1.99 (on a one-time purchase basis) and between $1.74 and $1.79 (on a monthly payment basis) (under the subscription plan). These are not at all bad, as they allow individuals to include treats that satisfy their sweet tooth without increasing their guilt.

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