If you are a house of cards fan you might be familiar with rowing. Rowing is becoming very popular nowadays because you can

easily get a machine at home that can help you not only lose weight but it can also help you tone your body. As the name indicates, rowing is a workout where you will be mixing the rowing posture while you ride a boat. 

This might seem impossible especially if you are not familiar with rowing a boat but the machine is built in a way that will help you

to adjust your posture and work according to the requirement. Within rowing, you will be using the strength of your arms,

shoulders, and back muscles along with your upper body, the grip of your hands, and your arms. 

All these simple moves will collectively impact the way you function and the way you perform day-to-day tasks because the strength of the upper body is very essential for daily tasks.

Why Rowing Is Used For Weight Loss?

Now that we are on the topic of weight loss, we all know that weight loss is only possible if your calorie count is in deficit. This means that you need to consume less so you can lose weight. If you do not consume less and keep eating a lot of calories every day, the workout will convert these surplus calories into body mass. So, you will have the same weight but the muscle mass will be more

than the fat content in your body. Most experts recommend that if you are aiming to lose weight your diet should not surpass 500

calories limit. This means that try to limit your calorie to ¼ of your daily expenditure. This will help you get better and quick results.

With the help of this article, we will assess in detail the way rowing works and why it is important as a workout. We will further look at some of the important benefits that will convince you to start your rowing journey. We will also list down a simple workout plan

that you can follow as a beginner for better results through rowing.

Why Rowing Is A Good Workout For Weight Loss?

We hear this about so many workouts that they are ideal for fat loss and there is no doubt about it. However, if we look deeply we will see that any workout that involves the use of muscles helps with weight loss. However, there is a ratio that decides if a workout is good for more weight loss or just a little. 

The idea is that since rowing helps you involve your full body it will be better for weight loss as compared to other types of workouts. Another very important thing that impacts this decision is the calorie burnout rate, the intensity of exercise along with body size. 

According to research, the number of calories that are burnt by an adult is determined based on how intense an exercise is and

what is the bodyweight along with the time spent on exercise.

The study concludes that within just 1 hour of a workout, you will be able to burn 519 calories if you maintain a good intensity. However, if you switch to moderate intensity, you will still be able to burn 427 calories per hour. 

In short, if you only consume 500 calories per day and you end up doing one hour of rowing, you will be able to bring your calorie

count in deficit. As a result, your body will rely on stored fat for daily functions and you will soon see the impact on the body.

The benefit of Rowing That Will Help You Choose the Best Workout

There are so many different reasons that prove rowing is so far the best workout that you can choose for weight loss. Some of these benefits have been listed below so you can make a wise decision.

Rowing is a full-body workout so you will be generating most of your power from your lower body and then almost the rest of all

power is generated from the upper body. Research explains that more than 60% of the power is spent in the lower while 40% is

spent in form upper body.

Rowing is ideal for strength building and muscle gain so as you will start to lose weight, the body will not become saggy and you will still have some tight skin as before. This will enhance the strength of your body as well as enhance your beauty.

Rowing is a great form of cardio so you will be generating all the basic benefits of cardio as well. Rowing is very good for

maintaining blood sugar levels, and blood cholesterol levels and it is very good for heart health as well.

Rowing Workout

This is a beginner workout and it will help you burn 250 calories within just 20 minutes if you chose full intensity. For this workout,

you need to start with a warm-up session for just 5 minutes which will consist of 20 strokes only. Then you have to move to the

intense workout for 10 minutes with 24 intense strokes. Finally, you can cool down with 20 light strokes.  

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, no hard and fast rule will convince you to only use rowing as your best workout. However, it is a full-body workout that will offer you better results in a very limited time. Most people choose rowing because it is a functional activity and it also helps in improving the arm grip along with the strength of the shoulders, upper arm, legs, and core. You will be able to generate more power by using your core and depending on the movement. Eventually, this will impact your overall body strength helping you improve your calorie burn out and you will lose weight.

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